How To Make a Banana Pipe

Two Bananas on a Yellow Background
Two Bananas on a Yellow Background
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While it’s true that bananas make a tasty snack, did you know that they also make great pipes? That may seem like an odd thing to say but fruits have long been used by innovative stoners in a moment of need: that moment when you run out of papers and there’s no glass or vape handy, it’s time to check out your fruit bowl. 

Many fruits make the perfect pipe in a pinch, but bananas are a favorite among cannabis-lovers for its elongated shape and handheld size. Read on to see how to turn this nutrient-rich fruit into the ultimate smoking device. 

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What You’ll Need

Before we dive into the specifics, you must first select the right banana. You do not have to be too specific here but it is important to make sure the banana is not overripe. If the banana is too mushy, you will end up with an unstable finished product. Save those overripe bananas for some infused banana bread instead. 

Now that you have selected the right banana, it is time to gather your tools. To make a banana pipe you will need: 

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  • Small Teaspoon: Choose a nimble little spoon that is ideal for carefully carving a bowl out of one end of the banana. This small hole will eventually be the vessel for your weed just before sparking it up. 
  • Wooden Skewer or Straw: Whether you choose a wooden skewer (think what you would use to make kebabs) or a straw (plastic or stainless steel will work just fine), this tool will be used to create the airway within the core of the banana to enable the smoke to be drawn through.
  • Sharp Knife: As you can imagine, the knife will be used for cutting and slicing the banana into your fruity smoking accessory. 
  • Aluminum Foil (optional): A small square of aluminum foil to line your bowl will prevent any ash pulling through your pipe, but it is not entirely necessary if you are aluminum foil averse.


Step 1: Cut off the tip of the banana

Cut off the tip of the banana in one clean, even stroke. Don’t destroy the piece that you just cut off as you will need it for the next step.

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Step 2: Cut the end of the tip

Cut the very end of the tip off with your sharp knife to separate it into two pieces. The larger of the two pieces will serve as your bowl piece and you can toss the smaller one.

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Step 3: Push the flesh out of the bowl piece

Using your wooden skewer or straw, push the banana flesh out of the larger of the two pieces that is meant to serve as your bowl. Set aside the hollowed-out part for later.

Step 4: Put a hole through the banana

At the open end of the banana where you already cut the flesh, put a hole through the banana using your wooden skewer or straw. Insert the tool into the soft banana meat until you have reached the halfway mark. Pull the skewer or straw out and make sure that the chamber you just created has a clear passageway through the banana. You do not want any blockages as you will end up drawing smoke through this hollowed-out chamber.

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Step 5: Insert a skewer/straw through the skin

At the top of the banana where the chamber you just created ends, insert the skewer or straw through the banana skin on the surface to make a connecting hole. This is where you place the bowl you made earlier to smoke your cannabis with ease. Blow through the chambers to see if the two are correctly connected. If the air passes from one chamber to the next effortlessly, congratulations: you have successfully joined the two!

If there is a blockage, you may have to suck out any excess banana that is lingering in the hollow pipe chamber. Double-check that your top chamber does not go through the entirety of the banana. Instead, it should stop roughly half-way through the width of the banana.

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Step 6: Adjust the size of the hole

Next, ensure that your bowl fits properly by using your knife at the top hole to adjust its opening. Carve out a little more space as needed so that your bowl sits snugly along the larger part of your banana pipe. When the hole looks about right, fit your little banana bowl piece into the spot you just carved out.

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You will know it is perfect when the bowl piece does not fall out easily but does not get stuck either. Continue carving and adjusting until you get the exact fit you desire and the feeling of a sturdy pipe. Be gentle and precise with your movements and incisions to prevent ruining the pipe entirely.

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Step 7: Choose your weed

Now for the fun part — grab your weed (may we suggest Banana Kush or Forbidden Fruit), and just as with a normal bowl, prep your weed using the grinding method of your choice. Place the bud into the banana pipe’s bowl piece.

Step 8: Pull through the banana

Place your mouth at the tip of the banana where you made the opening of your chamber, and suck the smoke as you light up the weed inside the bowl. Enjoy taking delicious, fruity rips in your newly crafted pipe! While smoking from a banana is truly pleasant, it is important to remember that a banana pipe is not built to last: toss it when you’re finished enjoying the day.

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Final Thoughts

Next time you find yourself in a tight spot and need a way to smoke your ganja, look no further than your fruit bowl. Bananas make an effective, and surprisingly tasty, pipe to fulfill all your smoking needs. 

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